Casting Shadows is the Seattle based duo of Locke Bell and Scott Sandefur.

Using Loop pedals, Ableton Live and or acoustiic instruments, we play original folk-pop songs as well as inventive covers

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2/16/16 - We have a new studio track featuring Caitlin Olive on violin. Lies That We Love

Scott Sandefur

Scott plays guitar, bass, drums, and song-writes for Casting Shadows. His influences are mostly underground metal bands you've never heard of, as well as KISS and the Barenaked Ladies. He is a swim instructor and beer enthusiast by day.

Locke Bell

Locke sings and plays bass, keys and guitar. He likes The Mountain Goats, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, and Tori Amos. His philosophy involves pushing the line of how easy one can truly take it.